Friday, August 29, 2014


Here links to recipes of #breakfast / #dinner and also #chutney, #sambar & #sidedish are listed.

Tiffin : Breakfast/Dinner
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Adai / Pancake Recipes Appam Recipes
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Boli/Poli Recipes Chappathy/Roti Recipes
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Dosai/Dosa Recipes idiyappam/riceNoodle Recipes
Dosai/Dosai index idiyappam/riceNoodles/Sevai index

Idli Recipes Poori Recipes
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Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipes Pongal Recipes
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Upma and Sundal Recipes
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Puttu - Ragi Puttu

Neer Kozhukattai ( Dumpling )
Amaranth Neer Kozhukattai [ Dumpling ]
Amaranth - Corn Neer Kozhukattai [ Dumpling ]
Bajra Singhara Neer Kozhukattai [ Dumpling ]
Broken Maize Neer Kozhukattai